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The Edge Malaysia Centurion Club Corporate Awards 2019 honours the best-performing companies in Malaysia with a market capitalisation of RM100 million to below RM1 billion. Our objective is to encourage Malaysian companies to be more efficient, competitive and successful while being socially responsible.

Though The Edge Malaysia Centurion Club members may not be large in size and market capitalisation, we think it is timely to recognise these deserving hidden gems with performance and potential to match that of the big conglomerates, and which tend to be overlooked by investors.

And because this membership (RM100 million to below RM1 billion) covers many companies, it is important to distinguish between the good and the bad performers. These relatively smaller companies, which usually fall below the radar of big investment funds, need to be identified and recognised to encourage greater inclusiveness in Corporate Malaysia.

As some of you may be aware, these are the second awards under The Edge that celebrate Corporate Malaysia. The first — The Edge Billion Ringgit Club — celebrates companies with a market capitalisation of at least RM1 billion.

The Edge is in the best position to initiate these awards that promote merit in Corporate Malaysia. Over the years, since our inaugural The Edge Malaysia publication in 1994, we have earned a reputation as Malaysia’s leading financial and business publication. We have proved our integrity in providing unbiased, timely, independent and insightful analyses and commentaries on Corporate Malaysia.

I am happy to report that we are the only traditional print media in Malaysia, and one of the few around the world, that has continued to grow our readership and sales in print as well as digital platforms despite the onslaught of online news and social media.

And the fact that our award methodology and criteria are transparent and independently audited lends credence to The Edge awards, which are coveted by Corporate Malaysia. Our awards are strictly merit-based.

The Edge takes pride in promoting meritocracy and driving greater competitiveness in Corporate Malaysia. As a business owner myself, I believe private sector is best placed to take risks, invest, create future demand and propel the economy forward, with the government as a facilitator in providing a supportive environment and a reliable regulatory regime.

The Malaysian economy needs private investment growth to create employment, raise incomes and share prosperity — now more than ever — in the light of constrained public spending and consumption.

Malaysian companies need to step up their game, take more risks and be proactive in seeking out opportunities and embracing technologies to stay ahead of competition, especially so in the digital globalisation age where competition is not limited to your home country but extends to the region and globally.

Beyond governance and transparency, the financial performance of public listed companies is crucial as it affects the stock price, their ability to deliver returns to shareholders and gain access to the capital market. Without a thriving stock market, the capital market cannot function effectively.

That is why these awards and recognition are important.

Besides serving as a guide to the public as to the best companies to invest in sustainably, this recognition by The Edge through The Edge Malaysia Centurion Club Corporate Awards will help winning companies improve their exposure amongst the investor community, build brand awareness and enhance their growth potential.

A big thank you to our partners for The Edge Malaysia Centurion Club Corporate Awards 2019 — presenter CIMB Group Holdings Bhd, main sponsor Matrix Concepts Holdings Bhd and official timepiece Hublot represented by The Hour Glass Malaysia — for their support.

Last but not least, congratulations to all the winners for their exemplary performance.

We hope your success will inspire others!

Datuk Tong Kooi Ong
The Edge Media Group


1. The Edge Malaysia Centurion Club recognises the country’s best-performing small and mid-sized companies.
2. To be a member of this elite group, the company must:

2.1 Be listed on Bursa Malaysia as at March 31 of the current calendar year;

2.2 Not be suspended, under the stock exchange’s watch list or delisted prior to the date of The Edge Malaysia Centurion Club Corporate Awards;

2.3 Have a reasonable profile among Malaysian investors; and

2.4 Have a market capitalisation of more than RM100 million but less than RM1 billion.

  • The qualifying market capitalisation will be based on the amount as at the last trading day of March of the current calendar year, that is, March 29 for 2019.

3. The market capitalisation and other financial data used by The Edge in determining companies that qualify for The Edge Malaysia Centurion Club and the winners of The Edge Malaysia Centurion Club Corporate Awards are provided by Asia Analytica Data Sdn Bhd (formerly known as The Edge Markets Sdn Bhd).
4. The Edge will publish an annual listing of The Edge Malaysia Centurion Club each year.

The Edge Malaysia Centurion Club Corporate Awards comprise:

  • The Highest Returns to Shareholders Over Three Years across 12 sectors;
  • The Highest Growth in Profit After Tax Over Three Years Award across 12 sectors;
  • The Highest Return on Equity Over Three Years across 12 sectors; and
  • The Company of the Year.


The Edge Malaysia Centurion Club Corporate Awards for highest returns to shareholders, highest growth in profit after tax and highest return on equity are given out to the following sectors:


Consumer Products and Services;


Financial Services;


Industrial Products and Services;



Real Estate Investment Trusts;


Telecommunications, Media and Utilities (combined sector); and

Transport and Logistics

The Edge-CC member needs to have issued its first annual reports/annual audited accounts at least four (4) calendar years ago as well as for the financial year ended in the latest calendar year.

The methodology for the awards is stringent and transparent, with the results audited by Deloitte Malaysia.

Members eligible for the Highest Return on Equity Over Three Years and Highest Growth in Profit After Tax Over Three Years Awards must be profitable every year throughout the evaluation period.

For this year, the evaluation period is from FY2015 to FY2018.

The calculation of profit after tax growth is also subject to a risk-weight factor component to recognise the importance of consistency in profit delivery throughout the evaluation period.

Winners of the Highest Returns to Shareholders award are based on total returns, consisting of share price gains and dividends over a three-year period subject to a share price multiplier. The cut-off date this year was March 29.

There could be cases of joint winners for the awards.